Mandukya Upanishad (Abridged Version) {English}

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The two main reasons for abridgement of the Mandukya Upanishad are Amusmika and Ahika. 

Amushmikamu: What has been well planted with the people regardless of religion is that if there is righteous conduct in this life, enlightenment will come in the next life. Even religious leaders encourage this. Due to this, the common people are turning around the religious leaders. The Kathopanishad says that he or she will become Brahma here and now, not yonder days. The Mandukya Upanishad describes the details of the tools for that. Goudapada karika (Translation) is not in overview, with the common man in mind. Advaita is to knock on the door of the common man but not teaching Advaita. Upanishads are not religious texts. Upanishads reveal methods and lead the way. 

Aheekamu: Suicides are high especially among farmers and students. 2 Some committed suicide because their parents were angry because they failed the exam and scolded them for watching TV. There are many farmers who have committed suicide because they are in debt. The main reason is loss of selfconfidence. Then Ambedkar opined that reservations should be for ten years and then removed. Why is it still going on? Reservations apart from removing them, common people are being turned into beggars with freebies. Takers are beggars no matter how they take. The common man is being crippled with these kinds of incentives. Common people are acting as if it is enough to get free bies even it is form dead bride man. But they are losing more than that. Because the right to question is lost. 
Spiritual practice is very helpful in removing these types of weaknesses, create consciousness. There will be a great change in the common man. It is not only good for the individual but also for 3 the nation. It is for this kind of change that I summarize this Upanishad. Society is divided everywhere. There are differences between religions and castes. Human society is falling apart due to this. Only Advaita can unite all these. Because Advaita deals above the castes and religions. The message of the Upanishads is universal. 

Reasons and features of this writing 

Salvation is attained here in this life, not some other time. After reading Swami Rama’s Mandukyopanishat “Enlightenment without God” for the first time, learned that the Upanishad has only 12 verses and if practiced based on it, would attain salvation in this life only. Swami Vivekananda’s vision of Advaita is to reach every home. If we combine these three, we get Mandukyopanishat version. Advaita is beyond the reach common man’s intellect. From Adi Sankarapada several commentaries on Mandukya 4 upanishat were written. It is difficult to understand because they are very detailed and elaborate, so I have briefed with an aim to be brief so that everyone can understand. We have kept the book in such a way that it can be carried in the pocket without exceeding more pages. There is no abridged version so for. 

Specialties: Jivie (man) is the focal point. So you can understand easily. We use simple language they understand. We have added two chapters to help Sadhana 1) Sadhana 2) Sadhaka. Among these, we have explained the things that a sadhaka must know, in a way that helps him to practice. I hope everyone will read and understand this summary and gain selfknowledge. Compliments are due to Anantha Sharma for helping to convert the Sanskrit verses into Telugu, G.Rama Chandru, who helps in typing. 

Advaita is now available to all. They are accessible to everyone regardless of who they are. Advaita in short means that 5 the soul is one. The soul is within you. Now the question before everyone is don’t blindly believe anything. Is there a soul? If so, where is it? What is soul? Can we reach here immediately? or can you see? Those who believe soul can try. Those who don’t can also try.

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Book Title Mandukya Upanishad (Abridged Version) {English}
Author(s) Dr. K. Rangaiah
eISBN 978-93-5747-345-3
Book Language English
Date Published February, 2024
Total Pages 32
Book Edition Mandukya Upanishad (Abridged Version) {English}


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