The Journey of Microbiologists History Builds Future

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Since the early ages, science has progressed only because of the curiosity and investigative mindset of some people who have stayed focused on their research to find out the truth, the fact, behind many phenomena with little to no auxiliary source of support or assistance. The entire mankind is indebted to them because their research has changed the lives and perspectives of humans forever.

As a part of the medical fraternity, as well as humans, in order to express our gratitude to these great ‘Nobel’ souls,  it is our duty to pass on the torch, to ignite the flame of curiosity in                  our students and inspire the young generation to pursue research and yield in the advancement of science and humanity.

This book summarizes the lives and works of such great scientists who are to be considered role models and sources of inspiration in the field of medical research with a hope that the zeal of these scientists to break through the obstacles and invent would inspire many to follow their footsteps. We have tried hard to find out and concisely compile the achievements of scientists who have set forth exemplary contributions in their respective fields of interest. Hence, the present young generation in near  future must be inspired to carry on research and find out the answer to  many such questions unresolved so far.

This book will surely become a ‘must-have’ for every science enthusiast in the coming years and would contribute to creating a research environment for the sake of progress by inspiring the young blood to pursue a research career like the ones in this book.

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Book Title The Journey of Microbiologists History Builds Future
Author(s) Dr. Atul Rajaram Rukadikar
ISBN 978-93-6252-057-9
Book Language English
Book Size 6 x 9 inch
Date Published 2024-04-31
Total Pages 272
Paper Quality 75 GSM
Book Edition The Journey of Microbiologists History Builds Future


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