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Lifeboat, my debut book in English is a bon voyage of friendship and love. A beautiful heart touching love story that’s purely fictitious blended with love. It’s all set to sail through your hearts triggering your emotions leaving you in a state of ecstasy. It is said that love is indefinable. But it can be expressed and felt in so many ways, in all walks of life. It is divine and omnipresent. It’s luscious and oneiric too. Every living being on earth cherishes an ardent desire to love and to be loved. It’s the law of nature that man can’t breach. It’s perhaps the strongest emotion in this world which could heal anything except hunger. Life would be meaningless, if you fail to express your love. Anything big or small, when you sacrifice for others, then its love. Your precious time, your money or care, whatever you give to the needy, its love. And above all, the most priceless true love in the whole universe is mother’s love which is irreplaceable. This story will make you feel the different flavors of love like parent’s love, sibling love, friend’s love, spouse’s love and many more. It will make you realize, how love can change one’s life, and it’s true love that always wins. It shortens the distance between hearts from infinity to zero. And it’s pure, virtuous and eternal. This is what I wish to convey in my novel. Forgive my flaws in writing if any and get ready to sail on this lifeboat through the ocean of love and wish you a bon voyage.

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Author(s) Seema Kurup
eISBN 978-93-5747-102-2
Book Language ENGLISH
Date Published MAY, 2023
Total Pages 158
Book Edition LIFEBOAT


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