Economic Freedom Struggle

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I like to put forth some words in forward table. For the past six months, I spent my days sincerely and eagerly to write down the novel.

Hero of the novel is a man of honest who lived with an aim on the path of LIVE FOR OTHERS.

Is it possible to live on such thorny path. Why not!!? Let us see, read and swallow his thoughts.

There are 11 chapters in the novel. Each shows and indicates the steps. Hero won to establish a moral activity on the economic freedom STRUGGLE which may be called as second war.

Go through, please, the chapters one by one to become as chasty Human kind. Some imagination and some reality are mixed in the novel.

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Book Title Economic Freedom Struggle
Author(s) N.S.Viswanathan
ISBN 978-93-6252-635-9
Book Language English
Book Size 5x8 A5
Date Published April, 2024
Total Pages 72
Paper Quality 75 GSM
Book Edition Economic Freedom Struggle


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