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In the middle of the "Rainbow" is the greenish-blue waters of "Marina Beach", below that is the dark blue "Cyber Sea", further down is the colorless, pitch-black "Total Lunar Eclipse", and above "the Colour of the Mulberries Are So Red". With the "Fragrance of the Sun",  due to repeated reflections of white light, refraction and internal total reflection there occurs the spread of color behind which lies the universal human society and at the front, the collection of poems captioned as the "Rainbow", in the middle there is the reader, who can see the semi-circle of the "Rainbow", from his own position, while the other half of the circle remains out of sight, below the horizon, buried deep within his individual realisation.
Behind this "Rainbow" is another "rainbow", whose color spread is just opposite to the first "rainbow". The second "rainbow" is created by the reflection of the poems in the reader's mind, in the psychic  response to the first "rainbow".
The "Ramdhanu"  is a spectrum of colors collected from the mine of life and the loud pronunciation of the effect of action and reaction. In the midst of "LOCK DOWN" and pandemic, "Dhruvatarai Bharsa" has ended the death, destruction and loneliness. "The Man Wanted to Be a Butterfly" or "Flood Victim" has spread the spectrum of colors even in the despair, showing the light of hope in "the Safety of Coronaless Geography Once Again". "Let's Be Primitive" dreams of boisterous youth, filled with nostalgia "When I Go Back to Adolescence" ."Are you Coming Tomorrow Evening?" has caused swing between hope and despair in the lover's heart and the eternal expression of anxiety. A "rainbow" of eternal love unfolds in the literary sky in 'Love When is Written in Matte Finish'.
Hopefully, in the poem "Ramdhanu" the feelings of the poet will be transmitted to the reader's mind. The poet's pain, grief will make the reader's heart ache. In addition, the poet's optimism will remove the depression and make the reader float in the fountain of joy, remove loneliness, give wind to the reader's wings of imagination , give the eternal message of love even in the midst of separation. In a word, "Ramdhanu" will create an intimate relationship between the poet and the reader, providing a soothing balm and infallible refuge even in the midst of  thousand pains.

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Book Title রামধনু
Author(s) Debasis Basu
ISBN 978-93-5747-245-6
Book Language BENGALI
Book Size 7x10 Standard
Published Date JULY, 2023
Total Pages 70
Paper Quality 75 GSM
Book Edition রামধনু


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